By following the suggestions in this book, you will become a man that women want to date. You will be able to choose the women you spend your efforts on. You’ll likely change your appearance and your behavior in an effort to look and act how women want. Your changes will influence all  aspects of your life - your work, your social life, and especially your success with women! But before we go any further, you have to make a commitment to wanting success with women. You have to be willing to put in the time, effort, or money. You have to accept that you will change through the process. Don’t make excuses for previous failures - just chalk it up to experience and admit that you need practice! Pretty soon you will realize just how easy meeting and picking up women can be.

While reading this book, you will learn more about yourself and what you want, then use this information to target your desired type of woman. You will soon know what to do, and what not to do, for success with women. You will learn how to flirt successfully and create sexual chemistry with complete strangers.

If you read this book, cover to cover, you will be able to get the kind of short-term and long-term relations with women you crave - whether it be purely sexual or emotionally fulfilling. No doubt,  this book will be the best book you will ever purchase to help you pick up all the women you want! 

This book is designed to help individuals and couples enhance their sexual pleasure.
Here is clear, precise, and easy-to-follow advice to lead to more exciting lovemaking. Presented in a convenient A-Z format, this guide allows readers to find information on everything from arousal to sexual positions, from the most sensitive parts of the anatomy to "Hindu Love Bites." Going beyond vague advice, the book gives precise prescriptions for solving problems and improving the quality of lovemaking in hundreds of ways.

All Individual Books Are $5.99 Each.

Here's what you'll learn:

The three things you must do to attract beautiful, sexy women
Why it's the little things that will make you stand out from the crowd
How to use the ratio of men to women to your advantage without lying
Why targeting a certain age group will increase your chances of meeting the woman for you
The two options available to women that leads them to you and no one else
Why being friends with women you desire is not as bad as people make it out to be
The three benefits of being honest with women about the other women in your life
The biggest mistake (or assumption) men make when talking with women
What women really want and need from the man of their dreams
The reasons why women overlook nice guys, shy guys and good guys
And much, much more

Beautiful, Sexy and Intelligent Women Are Literally 
Waiting For You To Come and Save Them!

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Better Sex & Relationships

E-Book Collection Content

Here are just a few amazing facts you'll learn:

What is Natural Breast Enhancement?
Breast Enhancement Erotic And Beautiful
Breast Lifts Natural Remedy Are Breast Enhancement Pills From Plant Estrogen
Natural Breast Enhancement Techniques and Products
Natural breast enhancement herbs
Herbal Breast Enhancement Increase Breast Size
Natural Breast Enhancement Creams
Natural Breast Enhancement Methods That Work
Natural breast enhancement in yoga
Natural Breast Enhancement May Change Your Life
Natural Breast Enhancement Increase Bust Size And Firmness Naturally
Natural Breast Enlargement You Can Control The Results

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Learn how to eat pussy and knock out the competition!

Sex is what brought us here. Without sex, you and I won't be here.

There is nothing cheap or dirty about sex. It is the attitude towards sex that makes it grading, sinful, dirty or beautiful and precious. It fulfills the function of procreation, it could also be a means to commit the most heinous crime.

 It is important not only to be aware of our sexuality, we need to acknowledge its importance as a factor for a balanced life. It is the fire that keeps the flames of romance aglow, the strong fiber that keeps a relationship together against all odds, it is refreshing, it is healing.

Respect for sex add meaning to our human existence and relationships.

Fall in love and be in love. Only being in love a woman can be really happy.

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Ejaculation that occurs prior to when a man wishes or too quickly during intercourse to satisfy the partner.

When most males ejaculate they tend to quickly lose a usable erection for the simple reason that their discharge has temporarily released a state of elevated sexual tension

It seems logical that our prehistoric male ancestors were all rapid ejaculators. The Homo Erectus who could couple quickly with his mate and rapidly reach ejaculation was then free to deal with enemy tribesman and predatory sabre-toothed tigers. The slowpoke got clubbed or eaten. Therefore, only rapid ejaculators survived long enough to sire descendants. Thus, if speed of ejaculation were hereditary, we all should have fast ejaculatory reflexes.

Obviously, the above theory cannot be proven; however, it does contain an element of truth. It is probably "natural" for healthy males to ejaculate quickly. Lasting longer serves no genetic function that we know of.

Lasting is a learned behavior, like learning to dance. It can prolong and intensify pleasure for a man. Also, many women like to experience orgasm - or have been socially conditioned to enjoy orgasm - when the erect penis is inside them. To reach orgasm this way often requires periods of more or less continuous stimulation by the penis.

Premature ejaculation is sometimes also caused or aggravated psychological factors such as guilt, fear, and performance anxiety.

The first thing a male must hold in mind is that good sex is unhurried sex. The longer he spends in foreplay prior to his first orgasm, the stronger and more enjoyable that first orgasm will be. The compacting of blood in the sex organs builds slowly, inflating the tissues and sensitizing the millions of nerve endings in and around the genitals.

Here's what you'll learn:

Have multiple orgasms - Learn the sex secrets of the PC muscle and have sex for yours ejaculating many times.

End premature ejaculation - Have sex for as long as you want, and satisfy her fully!
Ejaculate further - Fire off like a cannon!
Increased sexual stamina - Go for longer, stronger and YOU decide when you ejaculate
Have explosive sex AND Increase your confidence...

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​Listen To Me First

When you start becoming romantically involved, your priority shifts from casual to sensual. You’ll start wondering how to kiss passionately so you can take your relationship on another level. Every touch and every whisper is an expression of affection, and more often than not, you feel like kissing each other regardless of the location. If you’re in this stage of your relationship, you might find the following tips useful.

You’re going to DISCOVER techniques that will make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE in your relationships.

The one single rule you MUST understand about responsibility (once you understand this, most of your relationship problems will disappear forever - I’m not kidding).
The one thing you must NEVER let well meaning friends tell you (this one single thing will lower your chances of recovering or moving forward in relationships DRAMATICALLY).
The inside scoop on unconditional love.
The rule of ’sameness’ that almost all people break that can ruin your relationships without you even knowing it!
The RIGHT way to think of scarcity and struggle (most people mess this up big time!)
Some people can fulfill the needs of their partners but others can’t. Learn the secrets that causes the difference between massive success and utter failure.

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Best-selling author Anne Hooper established herself as the foremost modern interpreter of this erotic classic with her first, hardcover edition of The Kama Sutra, selling more than 500,000 copies worldwide. 

The Kama Sutra contains a total of 64 sexual positions. Vatsyayana believed there were eight ways of making love, multiplied by eight positions within each of these. In the book, they are known as the 64 Atrs.

The Kama Sutra describes making love as "divine union".

Lovers who suffer from medical complaints such as back pain and arthritis are warned not to attempt some of the Kama Sutra's positions. .

Kama is the Hindu god of love. The word also refers to the pursuit of love or pleasure, one of the four aims of life in Hindu traditions. Kama is always depicted as a handsome youth, shooting arrows of love that produce love. His wife is Rati.

It recommends both biting and scratching as ways of improving love-making, but insists on high standards of cleanliness. It states: "The qualities of good nails are that they should be bright, well set, clean, entire, convex, soft, and glossy in appearance.

There are 10 methods of kissing in the Kama Sutra (including) - the nominal kiss, the probing kiss, the touching kiss, the straight kiss, the bent kiss, the turned kiss, the pressed kiss and the greatly pressed kiss - and four ways to administer the kiss. That gives a total of 40 different ways to kiss a lover.

More than just a guide to sexual positions, The Kama Sutra covers everything from foreplay to afterglow, combining the spice of age-old eroticism with all the candid instruction of a contemporary sex guide.

With brilliant illustrations and appealing subject matter, The Kama Sutra is perfect for all couples interested in learning about Tantric sex or simply seeking more fun and variety in their lovemaking.
She discourages the focus from accomplishing distorted poses---- in actuality, they are advanced yoga positions----and instead has discovered the true spirit of these ancient teachings and applied the teachings to contemporary lovemaking.

A reinterpretation of the classics Anne Hooper`s Kama Sutra brings together the best of the Kama Sutra, the Ananga Ranga, The Perfumed Garden, and The Tao to create a new classic. The authors of these works offered creative solutions to sexual problems, enhancing sensuality through innovative techniques. Their ancient teachings remain as dynamic as ever -- as Anne Hooper reveals when she draws aside the curtain of myth and mystery that surrounds these erotic volumes.

Sensual photography Voluptuously illustrated with photographs of contemporary couples, Anne Hoops`s Kama Sutra presents all the arts of seduction and will inspire every reader to introduce more variety and excitement into sex.

Here, in this unrivaled erotic masterpiece, you will find the key to lasting sexual fulfillment. Expand your lovemaking repertoire and increase your pleasure with Tantra and Kama Sutra sex positions. In this modern photo interpretation of classic love postures each of the color images appears in large format on a single page. They capture the emotional and energetic connection of sacred lovemaking as well as illustrating sexual positions and techniques. Each photo is accompanied by comments on how and why the position is used. Most of the positions illustrated are suitable for lovers of all ages, and with some selectivity, in various stages of physical fitness and health. In other words, you don’t have to be an athlete, young, or perfectly fit to use this manual.The teachings of the Kama Sutra remain timeless and universal, and are as useful today for understanding and expressing human sexuality as they were in ancient India.

Great sex is the ultimate key to a fulfilled and loving relationship! This philosophy is at the heart of Hooper’s approach to sexuality and relationships, and this little book gives readers everything they need in order to achieve great sex. Exercises, meditations, and activities draw on Eastern as well as Western traditions, combining with tasteful color photography to make this book the most sophisticated yet accessible guide to enhancing sexual pleasure and reaching new levels of intimacy.

The Art of Oral Sex will explore techniques that will give you the confidence and skills you need to become a master in the precise art of cunnilingus or fellatio.

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Inside you'll discover ...

Step-by-step guides of REAL pick-ups, from casual sex to meaningful relationships. These are my BEST stories -- many are legendary -- and all are true!
How to have IRON CLAD confidence, so that women know EXACTLY who you are and become attracted to YOU ... not some "avatar" or phoney personality you "put on" for a Friday night.
Why beautiful women are rejected MORE OFTEN than you are ... (This is MIND-BENDING stuff, and it will help you determine when you are accidentally telling a hot woman off!)
The Infamous "Toll Booth Method". How I go from meeting a hot girl -- to having her drag me into the bathroom as we're making out in a matter of minutes. (Chapter 6)
The #1 place women go when they are looking for a man (and it's free). This is a scientifically proven hot spot most men are totally unaware of.
How to never feel rejection again. A tip for having a near-100% success rate when approaching a woman.
3 things you should NEVER to say to a woman (this will KILL the mood immediately) ... and what to say instead.
How to get away with CRAZY stuff -- such as making out in public places or getting a woman's phone number with her boyfriend standing beside her, dumbfounded! The trick involves a certain physical cue you're probably using incorrectly...
Why you might be CREEPING women out, and what to do about it. (Many guys have told me this was THE most valuable part of the book.)
The secret to having attractive women do things for YOU -- that means, buy you drinks, cook for YOU, give you gifts, whatever you'd like. There's a trick to this, and it works in a way so that they enjoy it, and are even asking for more ways to please you. (There's a limit to what you can do with this, but the limit is VERY high.)
The #1 thing 99.7% of guys do that makes them LESS attractive. Here's a hint: It starts with an "A". (This tip alone is worth $37.)
The REAL secret to impressing a woman (Hint: It has nothing to do with what you say, how much money you have, or what you look like, and ALL women can spot it as soon as you enter the room.)
NEVER tell a woman she's _________, if you want a sexual relationship with her. The answer is in Chapter 3.
How I turned a "nerdy hobby" of mine into a sexy turn-on for hot women. (Yes, you read this right. You CAN be a total "geek" and get laid. I'll show you how to do it.)
Why putting on clothes "to get laid" is counterproductive and stupid. I'll give you the real deal when it comes to fashion that attracts women instantly.
How to compliment a woman so that she beams with happiness, rather than runs for the "Exit". (There is a creepy way to compliment and there is a smooth way to compliment. I'll tell you which is which.)
3 easy ways to tease a woman that gets her TURNED ON. If she's not pulling off your pantsI'll refund your money! (Seriously!) after using these tips, just write me an email and
An easy-to-use trick to get you a woman kissing you before you even know her name. It takes less than 60 seconds, it's fun to do, and you won't look like a creep.
One simple comment (not a "pick-up line") that gets a woman to buy YOU a drink. It's so easy, and it WORKS, you'll be slapping yourself on the forehead when you hear it.
How to seduce those smoking hot, stuck up women who care only about money without spending a penny.
How to guide a woman through vivid fantasies and fantastic roleplays that make her literally addicted to you. I've found this is the best way to build long term attraction with beautiful women -- and I'll show you exactly what to do.
Why you should NEVER talk about your "job" ... and what to talk about instead. (Hint: It starts with a "P".)
How to use laughter to get her in bed -- and fall in love with you. The best part is, you don't have to be a "comedian" to get this to work.
3 effective ways to show interest in a gorgeous woman (and get her to your bedroom) WITHOUT communicating loserdom, desperation, or sexual frustration like all the rest of the guys.
How to have her feel like she's with a rockstar, even if you're job "sucks"! (Women want guys who are in unique, powerful positions of passion. I'll show you how to turn YOUR profession into something cool.)
1 simple piece of advice ANY man can follow starting TONIGHT that is guaranteed to improve your success with women -- and it's drop dead simple.
And much, much, MUCH more .

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Sex & Relationships

The Better Sex and Relationships E-Book Collection Website is the world’s greatest collection of sex tricks to ever be assembled. This website is packed with legendary techniques guaranteed to deliver instant ecstasy to satisfy both, him and her, sexual experiences, and bring them both unbelievable pleasure. It took several years to assemble this package and you can have them all in two minutes from now!

There are many reasons most relationships fail, boring unsatisfying sex is one of the biggest reasons. But what if all of your mates needs could be met by you? Do you think they would ever leave you if you can guarantee spectacular, leg quivering orgasms anytime they want?

You’ll be amazed at how easy these techniques are. It does not take a rocket scientist to send your partner into orbit. Everything is explained using step-by-step instructions. You will know what to do and how long to do it to achieve great sex every time.

Do you ever remember the last time your partner enjoyed something completely? Well I bet it felt great seeing them enjoy something completely.  Now imagine that same feeling in bed multiplied by a thousand! It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Don’t you want to try new things? It’s human nature for all people to crave new experiences. Once you fully awaken your partner’s sense of sexual adventure, get ready for an amazing transformation. All of their inhibitions will be replaced with unbridled passion. It would be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and them!

What are you waiting for? Explore the Better Sex and Relationships E-Book content today!

The Fine Art of Fellatio is not for the one who has mastered the techniques, but for the one starting out or looking for something new.

Fellatio, giving head, cock sucking, the noble art of the blowjob - what a skill to have and how much pleasure you can give if you do it well! Though sad, it's also true that most sluts can't suck cock well. Enthusiasm helps but nothing can substitute for good training.

Learning to suck cock well is the first important step on the road to making your man happy.

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